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JUrgen Klopp tells fans to ‘calm down’ over Super League

Jurgen Klopp has said football fans need to ‘calm down’ about the proposed Super League now the project is dead in the water.

The Liverpool boss was among those who made their dissent to the project clear after it was announced that the Reds would be one of six English clubs to break away from UEFA to form a new closed-shop competition.

Liverpool fans hated it and the players made it clear they didn’t want it to happen on social media, which led to the club pulling out less than 48 hours after it was announced.

But despite the collapse of the Super League, protests against the owners involved have continued across England. Friday night saw Arsenal fans gather outside the Emirates to hound out owner Stan Kroenke, and similar scenes have been seen across London at Chelsea.

Klopp, though, believes the Super League is now firmly in the past, and has called on pundits to stop ‘winding up’ supporters. But he once again made it clear that it was the Liverpool owners, and not the club itself, that made the decision.

“It’s constantly mentioned, Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool Football Club – no, it was not Liverpool Football Club. It was representatives of Liverpool Football Club, we have to make a distinction,” Klopp said ahead of Liverpool’s draw with Newcastle.

“That’s really very important. I see the pictures the last few days of the Arsenal and Chelsea stuff like this. I really think you all have to calm down.

“Yesterday on Sky, three journalists sitting all day talking about it, it’s winding up people. You cannot just create other pictures, we are still in a pandemic. People are out there without face masks and shouting their opinion out.

“All the pundits have to calm down as well a little bit because, yes, no one wanted it, definitely. But now let’s deal with it and not constantly show we didn’t want it.”

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