Damian McKenzie suspended from Super Rugby : rugbyunion

You do have to feel that a reduced ban of three weeks is a little harsh, as the offence was penalised with a Red Card during the game and that had a large bearing on the outcome. And it was clearly a one off given McKenzie’s history, so you’d think he’s learnt his lesson rather well.

But it seems especially harsh given the inconsistency in application of the laws, just across the weekend in SRTT. For example, Aumua was hit high in a tackle very similar to McDermott and was actually knocked out. But everyone missed it and the TMO didn’t intervene as per McKenzie. Aumua had to leave the field and failed his HIA, with no sanction or ban.

There were numerous other examples, but the biggest variable seems to be the random intervention of the TMO. Sometimes they intervene, sometimes they don’t. What footage do they get fed to make these intervention, is it neutral or determined by local producers (i.e. the old issue we’ve had popping up in the game)?

I’m all for the game being safe, but I’m also all for the game being fair.

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